Accompanying training

Qualified electrician (m/f/d) for defined activities, 2 years

stoba Precision Technology
Backnang, DE

Contact person: Markus Gebhardt

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What you'll do

Your training with us in our team is comprehensive and of high quality. We want our trainees not only to achieve excellent technical knowledge, but also to develop independent and strong personalities. To this end, we offer you individual and personal support throughout. We achieve the motivation and the fun of our trainees in the training courses through continuous project-related learning contents, the active cooperation in modern and innovative production plants as well as the possibility for assignments in our sister plants in foreign countries worldwide. You dare, we dare you!

Technical practice 1

  • Use of tools for electrical assembly
  • Soldering exercises for electrical connections
  • Laying PVC core and sheathed cables
  • Construction and wiring of contactor circuits according to circuit documents (parts list, terminal diagram, layout plan, circuit diagram)

Technical practice 2

  • Construction and wiring of contactor circuits
  • Carrying out measurements according to VDE regulations
  • Proper assembly of printed circuit boards according to documents

Technical practice in operation

  • Connecting and operating plant-related peripheral devices
  • Testing functions on digital switching elements and circuits
  • Entering, checking, changing, saving and documenting the user program
  • Testing and commissioning of partial functions and the overall function of the production plant
  • Operating the plant, adjusting the setpoints, measuring and documenting the operating values
  • Systematic troubleshooting, use of plant-related diagnostic equipment
  • Rectifying faults or arranging for their rectification
  • Delimitation of work that may be carried out independently, e.g. also on systems that have not been switched off
  • Checking hand-held power tools for damage and function and repairing them in compliance with the relevant regulations (VDE 0701)
  • Check mechanical and electrical safety devices, in particular emergency stop circuits, for effectiveness (VDE 0113)
  • Inspect electrical wear parts (switching contacts, limit switches, etc.) and replace them if necessary


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