Laser processing

A new era of micro-precision

Laser technology enables the processing of workpieces in the micrometer range. If you would like to know whether this type of technology can also be useful for your special needs, please contact us – we will be happy to advise you!


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Laser drilling

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Metal processing with laser beams

During metal processing with the laser, metal removal is performed by the aligned photons of the respective laser beam. The photons are bundled and when the desired energy is reached, they are directed as a light pulse with a defined wavelength onto the workpiece. The light of the laser beams has wavelengths in the range of 103-1 nm and causes the atoms of the material to be processed to be excited. Each material needs a certain wavelength to be excited particularly well.


We use pulsed lasers

Pulsed lasers have proven to be advantageous for precise machining of workpieces. stoba Customized Machinery uses lasers with ultra-short light pulses of length in microseconds (1/1,000,000, 1 x 10-6 seconds), nanoseconds (1 x 10-9 seconds), picoseconds (1 x 10-12 seconds) and femtoseconds (1 x 10-15 seconds), because shorter pulses with higher energy density remove the material without thermally affecting the base material.


Laser processing in 2D or 3D

During laser processing, the laser source generates a laser beam of a certain type and energy. The conditioning of the laser beam is done by the so-called scanner – it takes over the light conduction and focusing of the laser beam. The construction of a scanner varies depending on the manufacturer, its main task is to bundle the laser beam via lenses of various optical units. The scanner also controls the deflection of the laser beam, e.g. to generate a lettering. The deflection is done by driven mirrors: extremely dynamic, fast and precise galvo motors are used for this purpose. The number of deflection axes for 2D and 3D deflection varies.


Laser machining center – 5-axis CNC-Femto