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A new era of micro-precision

Laser » Technology

Laser technology enables the processing of workpieces in the micrometer range. If you would like to know whether this type of technology can also be useful for your special needs, please contact us. We would be happy to advise you! >> To your contacts in sales

Metal processing with laser beams

In machining with laser beams, the metal is removed by the aligned photons of the corresponding laser beam. The photons are bundled and upon reaching the desired energy directed as a light pulse with a defined wavelength onto the workpiece. The light of the laser beams has wavelengths in the range of 103–1 nm. The laser light causes the atoms of the material to be processed to become excited. Each material has a property requiring a certain wavelength to be particularly well stimulated.

For precise machining of workpieces, pulsed lasers have proved to be advantageous. stoba Customized Machinery uses lasers with ultrashort light pulses of a length measured in microseconds (1/1,000,000, 1 × 10–6 seconds), nanoseconds (1 × 10–9 seconds), picoseconds (1 × 10–12 seconds), and femtoseconds (1 x 10–15 second), because it has been found that shorter pulses with higher energy density remove the material without thermally affecting the base material.

Laser processing as 2D or 3D laser process

During laser processing, the laser beam generator generates a laser beam of a certain type and energy. The laser beam is conditioned by what is known as a scanner. The scanner takes over the light transmission and focusing of the laser beam. A scanner’s structure varies depending on the manufacturer. Its main task is the bundling of the laser beam via lenses of various optical units. Furthermore, the scanner takes over control of deflection of the laser beam e.g. to generate lettering. Deflection is handled by powered mirrors. Extremely dynamic, fast, and precise galvanometers are used for this purpose. In this process, the number of deflection axes for 2D and 3D deflection is different.

Laser » applications

Application as a 2D laser process

The laser beam is deflected into two axes in the X and Y directions for machining. During two-axis operation, only processing of two-dimensional images or fonts is possible. The processing depth remains constant.

Schematische Darstellung der 2D-Laserbearbeitung zur Erzeugung von Schriftzügen, Oberflächenveredelungen sowie zum Schneiden und Schweißen
2D laser processing for the production of lettering, surface finishing, as well as for cutting and welding





Application as a 3D laser process

Additional mirrors are necessary for 3D laser processing to perform axis-simultaneous movement in the Z-direction, i.e. to the depth of the workpiece. The movement in Z is necessary if engraving deeper than 100 μm is to be performed. It is therefore necessary for the production of deeper drill holes or for the structuring of workpiece surfaces.

Schematische Darstellung der 3D-Laserbearbeitung für die Erzeugung von Bohrungen und Raumformen
3D laser processing for the creation of drilled holes and spatial shapes






FocusONE – Laser processing machine

5-axis CNC femto laser

  • Machine concept for mechanical pre-machining and laser finishing of drilled holes
  • Drilled holes from ø 25 μm
  • Laser efficiency at approx. 95%
  • 5-axis kinematics with a positioning accuracy of ± 1.0 μm
  • Stiff granite frame with integrated machining axes for up to three machining positions
  • Frame and axes feature water cooling. Temperature stability of ± 0.1 Kelvin
  • Mobile control panel with Beckhoff Twin CAT
  • Working area of processing stations can be viewed via HD camera
  • Feeding of workpieces via vibratory feeders
  • Two different workpiece types can be processed simultaneously
  • Machine configured for high throughput with highest degree of precision


Laser processing machines from stoba Customized Machinery

The stoba group of companies uses the laser processing machines from stoba Customized Machinery within its precision manufacturing to produce injection nozzle holes in gasoline injection systems. The entire stoba group of companies strives to further develop laser processes and make them stable for mass production, i.e. to generate optimal process development and the highest series stability of the components.

Laser processes as subcontracting offer security

If you as a customer are unsure whether the laser drilling process or laser deburring are the right processes for your manufacturing, then we’ll offer to carry out the laser processing on commission.

Therefore you’re initially only investing in the subcontracting, which we carry out for you.

Unit volumes of over 100,000 parts per year

As a machine builder, we only have capacity for limited unit volumes.

If the quantity you require exceeds 100,000 parts per year, we gladly hand over the process to our sister companies who, as production professionals, will take care of the processing.

Complete manufacturing by the stoba group of companies

Would you like us to take on an even higher level of vertical integration and completely finish the workpiece in question? Yes, that’s possible. Contact us. We gladly accompany you during production development and thus bring our expert knowledge to bear early on.