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– We’re there for you

Quickly and easily – We’re there for you

SERVICE » Support, Repair, and Modernization

Service hotline

Service center Memmingen, Germany
phone +49 8331 98487-190
fax +49 8331 98487-090

Service center Yantai, China
phone +86 535 2138800

Service and support 24/7

The mission of stoba Customized Machinery is performance and dedication. If you opt for a system from stoba Customized Machinery, we’ll take care of the delivery, commissioning, service, and support. As long as the machine is in use in your manufacturing, we’ll be there for you and help you quickly and easily. Always reachable, we resolve disruptions through direct, qualified support.

In the event of a disruption, quick help via VPN connection

The fastest way to help is via the internet. To accomplish this, it’s necessary that you allow us to make contact with the controller of the machine via a VPN connection. Only you have the ability to activate the corresponding connection. Once this has been done, our system is able to display a detailed image of your system within seconds—worldwide, 24/7 90% of all support calls can be resolved via VPN access to your machine. We can also help your staff write new user programs using the internet connection. After one service call, the VPN connection has already paid for itself. Even if on-site service is required, our service technicians may need active help from our programmers and so the VPN connection can help here as well!

The advantages of a VPN connection for you:

  • Support without service technicians at any location in the world
  • Disruptions are localized faster, resources are used optimally, and costs are thus reduced

Optimal support and personal contact

The service technicians from stoba Customized Machinery are receive training on a variety of topics at our plant and in special training courses. The special machining processes require extensive knowledge in the areas of process technology, mechanics, electrics, pneumatics, and control software. We therefore specifically train our staff to impart this service knowledge.

After a service call, the service technician involved will be your personal contact for all issues, such as spare parts deliveries, preventive maintenance, retrofitting, and modernization of your system.

The stoba Customized Machinery service promise:

  • Service coordination within 24 hours
  • On-site service within 2 business days

Service for other manufacturer ECM brands as well

Demand has led us to additionally offer service for ECM machines and equipment that are not from our company. Thanks to the history of stoba Customized Machinery and our well-trained staff, we are able to provide service, maintenance, consultation, and repair for most systems from other manufacturers. Maybe you are under time pressure and need help immediately. Contact us now!

As a reliable partner, stoba Customized Machinery not only maintains its own machines, but also third party products – under the label “Maintained by stoba Customized Machinery”.

Modernization to meet the highest demands

In addition to developing new ECM machines, stoba Customized Machinery also modernizes older systems, including those from other manufacturers. Our engineers and technicians replace existing machines or system parts with more modern and productive components. These may include for example generators, machine controllers, electrolyte systems, and much more. Thanks to this approach, machines and systems can be upgraded to state-of-the-art technology in no time.

The stoba Customized Machinery modernization offering at a glance:

  • Integration of current components
  • Adaptation of safety technology to be state-of-the-art
  • Comprehensive, internal engineering for software, hardware, and mechanical components
  • Expert execution of training courses, including documentation
  • Comprehensive service and support

SERVICE » Courses

Efficient machine deployment thanks to professional training

We’ll get your employees, from beginners to old pros, up to speed with the latest technology step by step. We can qualify your staff with a variety of courses that can be combined individually. This increases not only the productivity of your machines, but also the success of your company as a whole at the same time. Qualified and motivated employees are any company’s most important asset after all. In order for you to use your stoba Customized Machinery system effectively, we offer a range of training programs for operators, machine setters, and maintenance personnel. We provide practice-oriented, individual training directly on the system, on-site, or – even more comprehensively – at the manufacturer’s plant. Our instructors are extremely well-prepared to pass on our expertise to you.

The stoba Customized Machinery training offering at a glance:

  • Operator training in the fundamentals of operating the machine
  • ECM/PECM technology and process training
  • Production process assistance when starting series production
  • Servicing and maintenance training
  • Robot operation training
  • Customer-specific training