Fully automatic
– from A to Z

Fully automatic - from A to Z


We here at stoba Customized Machinery offer you universal and specially tailored automation technology for series and special machines. Let us advise you personally! >> To your contacts in sales

Fully automatic processes guarantee precision

At stoba Customized Machinery, the term automation includes all measures necessary to organize workpieces and processes in an orderly fashion and without the use of personnel.

From the collection of the blank to the handover of the processed workpiece, each machining step is planned, organized, and precise with automated processes.

Special features of automation:

  • Workpiece collection and transfer as bulk material or aligned and positioned on pallets
  • Workpiece transport with robots or loader systems including separation, positional orientation, positioning, and transport of the workpiece to the machining and process stations
  • Optical or mechanical systems for aligning the workpieces
  • Incorrectly machined workpieces are detected and sorted out.
  • Workpieces that need to be inspected are sorted out and set aside in a defined manner.
  • A special gripper strategy ensures that process media will not be dragged over the grippers or recontaminate the workpiece.
  • Integrated, fully automatic basket and pallet management
  • Integrated quality assurance via tactile and optical data logging
  • Marking systems that can be integrated


stoba Automation

Efficiently increasing productivity and process reliability

  • Adaptable or integrated handling solutions (direct handling or pallet)
  • Loading and unloading systems, re-stacking cells, or system chains
  • Efficient robot and portal solutions with additional modules such as cleaning, measurement, or brushing
  • Customer-specific solutions to achieve maximum productivity and flexibility
  • Variable expansion options in case of unit volume increases
  • Expertise in programming various robot systems, e.g. Stäubli, Fanuc, Kuka, etc.