stoba trainees at work
May 23rd 2022

Career start with prospects: talents@stoba promotes trainees with particularly good performances

Every year, new, motivated trainees start their careers at stoba. They are an essential part of stoba's future-oriented approach, which follows the motto "Committed to progress". The main aim is to develop our own highly competent specialists who have long-term prospects at stoba. Accordingly, particularly good performance in training is also given special support in Backnang: As part of the talents@stoba program introduced in 2015.


The idea behind the program is to introduce young people in a structured and strategic way to specific tasks that they can later take on at stoba. "To do this, we usually nominate one or two people from each year group who stand out, firstly because of their very good grades and secondly because of their personal appearance," explains Roland Gaus, head of human resources at the stoba site in Backnang. The respective trainees then receive different offers, for example for stays abroad, further training and permanent employment contracts.   

What sets the talent program apart from those of other companies is the point in time at which the trainees are promised the support: "We accept some trainees into the program after their first year of training," says Roland Gaus. "So if they are willing to get into it by then, they already know after the first third of their training what position is in prospect for them at stoba in the long term." 

Depending on their performance and the assessment of the training team, the young talents are assigned to one of three levels, which are associated with different support measures. Stage 1, for example, involves familiarization with specialist areas such as turning or special processes, as well as targeted training for the relevant machines. The second stage includes additional training (paid for by stoba) in programming and set-up, as well as funding for the master craftsman's evening school. This is followed by a stay abroad at one of stoba's worldwide locations, also financed by stoba. In the third and highest level, the young skilled workers benefit from even more extensive internal training and financing of the technician evening school or a course of study. This is also followed by an international assignment at a stoba site for several months. 


Enthusiasm among the participants

Lukas Gebhardt, one of the young people who received support through the program, is thrilled: "Thanks to stoba's support, I was able to complete my technician's degree at night school directly after my training. That's really a unique opportunity and a great appreciation for the work and achievements made during the apprenticeship." His colleague Maik Schäfer, who went through the same program, adds: "The whole thing was a very intensive time, because the training lasts a total of four years, during which you learn and work in parallel. But it was definitely worth it!"   

Roland Gaus also knows that it's not easy to take on a double burden of work and school for four years: "Of course, the program means a certain commitment for our trainees to take this particular path relatively early on - which isn't easy, especially when they are still very young. But on the other hand, it is also associated with very promising prospects, both professionally and personally." 

Overall, everyone involved is more than satisfied with teh outcomes of talents@stoba so far: "All the trainees nominated so far have followed through with the program. Many of them are still working at stoba - in very good positions. That's a great sign of the mutual trust that exists between the trainees and stoba as an employer. That makes us very happy, of course," Roland Gaus sums up. 

Published May 23rd 2022