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November 15th 2021

May we introduce ourselves? stoba Precision Machinery Yantai

stoba Yantai was officially founded on December 30, 2013, and quickly grew to become a highly esteemed and important part of the stoba Group. With a wide range of technologies like drilling, hard & fine machining, PECM, and ECM, the factory is a strong and successful partner for our plants around the world. The favorable geographic location on the Chinese coast makes Yantai the ideal location to offer efficient services with a convenient transportation system.

What else makes stoba Yantai special?

stoba Yantai is a young team of now 86 employees and is in close partnership with our other plants around the world - all of them strive to pass on the achievements of cutting-edge German technology. Very important for everything that happens here is that at stoba Yantai, safety and quality go hand in hand. In this way, employees and customers alike can rely on stoba’s services.

Here are a few photos from the site!

We are located here

Published November 15th 2021

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