July 14th 2021

With stoba towards your future career

Cutting machine operator, technical product designer, electronics technician for automation technology, industrial clerk, and warehouse logistics professional – stoba offers a wide range of apprenticeships, which has been an important part of our future-oriented approach for decades. There are currently 46 apprentices training in Memmingen and Backnang. Why did you decide to join stoba? How is the apprenticeship going in this exceptional situation? And what is important to the apprenticeship training managers? The C|X Team asked.

 “What I especially like about my apprenticeship is the variety of tasks in different departments,” says Svenja Gajewski, who is in her first apprenticeship year to be an industrial clerk. “The interaction in the training department is terrific; we all help one another if there is a problem. The early introduction to CNC technology was an absolute highlight for me," says Lars Obrecht, an industrial mechanic apprentice who is also in his first apprenticeship year. Tobias Steidele, who is in his second apprenticeship year to be a technician for automation technology is enthusiastic: “I did a placement at stoba and knew after just a week that I was going to apply for an apprenticeship.” What I really like is that I don’t just do exercises in the training workshop, but I also get to work in production and assembly.” 

Practical experience and personal supervision are essential 


In a nutshell: Hands-on practice and mutual support are central elements in the training - the former also depicts the training style. In Backnang, for instance, apprentices start at the end of the first year with CNC programming in their own projects. “From the second year, after full basic training, the apprentices are already working in production and are a very important and knowledgeable part of the team," explains Markus Gebhardt, Apprenticeship Training Manager at Backnang. This is a unique feature because in other companies the apprentices are frequently deployed in production areas during their first year. 

„Ab dem zweiten Lehrjahr, nach vollumfänglicher Grundausbildung, sind die Auszubildenden dann schon in der Produktion im Einsatz und ein sehr wichtiger, kompetenter Teil des Teams“
Markus Gebhardt Ausbildungsleiter - Backnang

The close cooperation between the trainers and the trainees is not to be taken for granted. Current circumstances have shown how valuable this rapport is: "Of course, we always support the trainees professionally as best we can, but we are also there and available for them in case of personal problems – such as required quarantine, for example," reports the Apprenticeship Training Manager from Memmingen, Bernd Zeller. Therein, the challenges necessitated by home learning during the coronavirus pandemic were well managed. Moreover, the classes that were canceled at the vocational school were largely made up for by an increase in the company's own regular classes.

The coronavirus crisis was not easy

Nevertheless, there were and still are challenges associated with the Coronavirus Crisis. For example, classes only take place online or have to be divided into small groups, contact with colleagues who have appointments with the apprentices, for example, is more time-consuming, and those who are in the company have to, like everyone else, adhere to many hygiene and other special rules. “That meant considerably more time and effort was spent on organizing,” said Markus Gebhardt. “But it was worthwhile and we are very pleased with how we organized everything.” Angela Ott-Schwaderer, Training Manager for Commercial Professions, adds, “I am impressed by our apprentices’ staying power. The situation was not easy.” 

Generally, all the trainers agree that working with the trainees is an extremely valuable contribution to stoba’s future “because in the end if they decide to stay, we have the colleagues we need both personally and professionally,” emphasizes Markus Gebhardt.  

Markus Gebhardt & Angela Ott-Schwaderer
Bernd Zeller

All the information about apprenticeships at stoba can be found on our website: stoba one – People & Jobs or in our apprenticeship brochures for Memmingen and Backnang.  


In Memmingen we are still looking to fill apprenticeship positions for: 

  • Fachkraft für Lagerlogistik (m/w/d) / Warehouse Logistics Professional (m/d/f)

  • Zerspanungsmechaniker (m/w/d) / Cutting Machine Operator (m/d/f)

The following positions are currently open at our Backnang site for 2022.  

  • Mechatroniker (m/w/d) / Mechatronics Engineer (m/d/f)

  • Industriekaufleute (m/w/d) / Industrial Clerk (m/d/f)

  • Industriemechaniker (m/w/d) / Industrial Mechanic (m/d/f)

  • Maschinen- und Anlagenführer (m/w/d) / Machine and plant operator (m/d/f)

  • Zerspanungsmechaniker (m/w/d)  / Cutting Machine Operator (m/d/f)

Apprenticeships at stoba

Published July 14th 2021