PECM – Precise Electrochemical Machining

Precise Electrochemical Machining (PECM) – non-contact and accurate

PECM stands for Precise Electrochemical Machining and is a technically advanced electrochemical machining process. The process is ideally suited to produce very precise 3D molds with the best quality.

stoba Customized Machinery supplies PECM machines for the production of tooling applications in small quantities as well as for the production of large numbers of workpieces in fully automated production lines with integrated pre- and post-treatment processes for the workpieces.

PECM is the further development of the ECM countersinking process

With PECM machines from stoba Customized Machinery, you can manufacture with high precision and economically – without process-related tool wear. Absolutely contact-free and without thermal or mechanical influences, you can produce workpieces with an imaging accuracy and repeatability in the lower micrometer range and a surface quality of up to 0.03 µm.


PECM Countersinking

PECM Countersinking

How does PECM countersinking work?

  1. Open working gap: fresh electrolyte is supplied

  2. Close working gap: Tool electrode (cathode) and workpiece (anode) approach each other to within a few microns, then a controlled current pulse is triggered. This is how the surface material is anodically removed from the workpiece

  3. Open working gap: The electrolyte is rinsed out of the working gap with the ablation products

PECM – perfectly adapted to your needs

Our technology for the precise electrochemical processing of metal is used in a wide variety of industries - each has its own unique requirements. And just as individual as the requirements and demands of these different areas are the solutions that our experts develop for them. In close coordination with our customers and with a great deal of know-how, they work with them to meet all challenges.

When is precision electrochemical machining used?

  • For all electrically conductive materials that require maximum accuracy (the technology is more precise than the ECM process)
  • When creating a predefined 3D surface profile
  • When deburring components for which burr formation presents a major challenge

Precise and economical working

Precise Electrochemical Machining (PECM) opens up completely new possibilities for precise surface treatment: components are manufactured to exact dimensions, the problem of burr formation is eliminated. Subsequent surface processes are almost superfluous.


What advantages does PECM have over other metalworking processes?

  • finest deburring results that are difficult or impossible to achieve with other machining processes
  • suitable for finishing components that are difficult to handle with other processes
  • low production time compared to conventional machining methods
  • high productivity, as several components can be processed simultaneously
  • long service life of the workpiece, because mechanical or thermal loads do not affect the material
  • high economic efficiency, as no tool wear
  • PECM machines can be easily automated and implemented in a production line

We develop for your needs

Our process experts develop complete solutions that are fully oriented to the requirements of our customers. Committed, precise, successful.


We accompany the entire PECM process:

  • Construction of the cathode exactly aligned to the workpiece to be processed
  • Control and adjustment of the corresponding devices
  • Definition of the best electrolyte for the application, including NaCl, NaNO3

PECM Countersinking systems

PECM special systems