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On-site assistance, even from afar. That’s our remote support 

The fastest way to get help is via the internet: Using a secure VPN connection, our service technicians set up a connection to the control system of the machine. Within seconds, our system shows us a detailed map of the system - worldwide, around the clock. 90% of all enquiries can be quickly clarified in this way.
We can also help the personnel on site to write new user programs via the VPN connection. The VPN pays for itself after just one service call. And if a service call on site is necessary, our programmers can easily support our service technicians via remote maintenance. 
The application was specifically developed for industrial requirements and accordingly offers everything that is necessary: The employees at the machine have their hands free and the system works in cold zones as well as in very hot environments.

The benefits of remote maintenance at a glance:

Real-time support anywhere in the world
Rapid localization of malfunctions
Optimal use of resources
Low service costs

Regular maintenance for long-term performance

Production downtimes are expensive and cause standstill and high service costs. We therefore recommend regular maintenance of the stoba machines and systems. Our service teams ensure the availability of the machines within the scope of maintenance contracts. We offer our customers preventive maintenance cycles that are completely tailored to their requirements. This saves you time and money.
Does your ECM system need maintenance? Or are your interested in our maintenance contracts? Please feel free to contact us and arrange a non-binding appointment.