Remote Maintenance

On-site assistance, even from afar. That’s our remote support 

The fastest way of obtaining help is via the Internet: Our service technicians establish a connection to the machine’s controller via a secure VPN. Our system gives us a detailed image of the plant within seconds – worldwide, 24/7.  
This approach allows 90% of all inquiries to be dealt with quickly. Moreover, we can use the VPN connection to help on-site personnel write new application programs. Just a single service call is sufficient to amortize the cost of the VPN.  Even if a service callout to the site becomes necessary, our service technician may still require support from our programmers – and a remote maintenance capability helps here too. 

The benefits of remote maintenance at a glance:

Real-time support anywhere in the world
Rapid localization of malfunctions
Optimal use of resources
Low service costs

The BodyCam

What happens if a machine jams, the plant comes to a standstill, or the next inspection is due and you need help fast – but stoba is hundreds of kilometers away from you? No problem. Because our remote service means we can deliver fast and reliable support, no matter where you are. Using augmented reality-based BodyCams allows us to see the same as you – in real time and from anywhere – enabling us to provide support wherever you need it. The application was developed specifically for industrial requirements and therefore provides all the important features: The machine operator can keep his hands free and the system functions just as well in both cold and very hot environments.