Our competences

Creating solutions with precision technology

When precision unleashes its potential

We believe in the power and potential of precision. In the quality, consistency and reliability that it delivers. And because we specifically control, improve and develop it, precision becomes a driver of our future. Globally - and across the most diverse industries.


We stand for quality and commitment

What sets us apart are innovative solutions. They make perfection possible. In doing so, our many years of expertise and determination to only be satisfied with the best solution make us the leading technology partner for a wide range of industries.

Our key competence: precision technology

P stands for precision

For many years, stoba Precision Technology has been a project partner for high-precision components and assemblies in large-scale production. Precision is our core competence; accuracy, thoroughness and punctuality are its cornerstones. We always deliver the right processes for our customers’ requirements. We offer a development partnership right from the early stages: Along the way, we work with the customer to develop the best manufacturing concept for each component with the desired function and quality and at the target cost. To this end, we always use the latest technologies and continuously develop them with a view to customer and product requirements.


Highest quality standards

Committed to quality

First Time Quality – this maxim applies to stoba Precision Technology in production as well as in quality assurance. We implement this consistently and thus meet the highest quality requirements with tolerances in the μ-range. The goal is 0 ppm with capable processes. ISO certification is mandatory: ISO 14001 (environmental management), ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety) and ISO 50001 (energy management). For us, it goes without saying that we attach the greatest importance not only to our own quality standards, but also to those of our suppliers.


Bundled Know-How

Bundled know-how thanks to a strong group

The stoba group of companies combines the expertise of Precision Technology with that of stoba Customized Machinery and stoba e-Systems. As stoba Precision Technology, for example, we use the high-tech equipment of stoba Customized Machinery for electrochemical metal machining (ECM), which is specially designed for the components. In addition, we manufacture measuring devices, machine equipment and special tools in our own equipment manufacturing facility.


Working at stoba

The driving force of the company

As a reliable partner in the high-volume production of components and assemblies, stoba Precision Technology is known worldwide and is one of the top companies in its industry. At five locations, stoba Precision Technology employs more than 1,000 people internationally. They are the driving force behind the company. With their qualifications, passion and motivation, they play a key role in determining the future viability and competitiveness of stoba Precision Technology.


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