Our technologies

Precision in series

The latest technologies meet the most complex requirements

State-of-the-art machines with a high degree of automation characterize large-scale production at stoba Precision Technology. These enable a high degree of availability and flexibility. This allows us to achieve an especially high level of availability and flexibility and to develop solutions that promote technological advances, greater efficiency and commercial success.



Milling and drilling

Milling, drilling and deep hole drilling on machining centers and rotary transfer machines with up to 5 CNC axes. We produce parts of the highest precision with complex geometries and bores up to 0.3mm diameter millions of times a year.


We offer assemblies in large series, which we manufacture using a wide variety of joining techniques - including clean room.

Hard and precision machining

We are proficient in ultra-fine machining processes such as centerless throughfeed and throughfeed grooving as well as surface grinding honing and lapping processes. We are continuously developing our hard turning expertise in cooperation with the Brno University of Technology.

Additional services

Partners of stoba Precision Technology offer a wide range of heat and surface treatments.


With electrochemical metal machining (PECM and ECM), we produce edge rounding, geometry joints and surface finishes - in highly automated processes and on the company's own stoba special machines.

Laser processing

In the 2-D and 3-D laser processing, the metal is removed by the aligned photons of a laser beam. The systems from stoba Customized Machinery use lasers with ultrashort light pulses in the micro-, nano-, pico- and femtosecond range for this purpose. They ablate the metal without thermally affecting the base material.


Turning of small and large series of high-strength steels from bar and blank on single and multi-spindle automatic lathes. We guarantee the high quality by 100% measurements.

Working at stoba

The driving force of the company

As a reliable partner in the high-volume production of components and assemblies, stoba Precision Technology is known worldwide and is one of the top companies in its industry. At five locations, stoba Precision Technology employs around 1,000 people internationally. They are the driving force behind the company. With their qualifications, passion and motivation, they play a key role in determining the future viability and competitiveness of stoba Precision Technology.


People & Jobs