July 1st 2021

What is stoba in Brno like?

stoba is turning 60 this year. We would like to take this opportunity to think a little bit outside the box. What is the current status of our locations? And, what do they have planned for the future? First, we will hear from Peter Koutný, Managing Director at stoba in Brno - a city which is also known as ‘the Silicon Valley of the Czech Republic’. In the interview, Petr explains what it means to him and where he would still like to go with the Brno site.

C|X: Petr, which direction is stoba Brno heading? 

Petr Koutný: We are essentially pursuing our growth strategy. To that end, we don't want to limit ourselves to component production only. We would also like to be involved in other areas such as plant engineering. On that note, we are already working with our colleagues at stoba CM in Memmingen and an external partner on a pilot artificial intelligence project. Moreover, I could imagine us also supporting stoba e-Systems in the future.   

C|X: Which goals have you already achieved?

Petr Koutný: For one, driven mainly by our customers, we have increased the volume of gasoline component production and are gradually phasing out the manufacturing of diesel systems. We have also been producing parts for ABS systems for a while now - meaning that we are no longer focusing solely on combustion engines. A further mainstay will also be the aftermarket. All three of these points are investments in the strategic goals of the stoba Group and are important steps towards being on the right track for the future. Finally, yet importantly, the strong partnership with universities and local up-and-coming talent is a major achievement.  

C|X: And what milestones do you see at the moment? 

Petr Koutný: Well, in the area of digitization, we started recording all of our machine data in 2013 and evaluating it online. In the future, we want to use this data in our artificial intelligence activities to be able to react increasingly faster to process fluctuations and to rapidly accelerate process optimizations. Furthermore, there is the Lean Six Sigma Program, which is part of the Kaizen system. Among other things, audit results and statements from employees about processes as well as challenges that arise are all being documented. This helps us with process optimization and standardization within the company and has been going really well since being introduced. 

Overall, we are pleased that we have a lot of contact with other sites via Teams and Sharepoint and that the exchange is going very well. Connection to the Group via Teams/Sharepoint/BI-Tool/ increased transparency,   

And the collaboration I just mentioned with the universities is really ideal. We want to expand on this even further in the future, because the partnership consistently yields great, knowledgeable employees. These kinds of opportunities are also important for the local young people.   


Info box: 

Name: Petr Koutný

Managing Director at stoba Precizni Technika s.r.o.

Age: 57

Since 2007: Involved as an external consultant at the Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


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Published July 1st 2021

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